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The She-Wolf Haircut - 100 Years Of Excellence

The she-wolf haircut was invented about a hundred years ago. Since then, it has not grown old but is becoming more fashionable and fashionable. And in the modern world, she wolf haircut has become the favorite of extravagant women. The she-wolf got its name due to its resemblance to wolf hair.

Despite the originality of the haircut, many women are not even aware of its existence. Not every hairdresser is able to create a "she-wolf", therefore, heading to the salon with the desire to do this hairstyle for you, it is best to visit Touched by an Angel Salon and school for the best results. In appearance, the "she-wolf" vaguely resembles a "cascade", with differences in the presence of "steps" in the region of the back of the head and the presence of short locks in front of the temples. The she-wolf is the "horse" of stylish, not afraid of experiments of the fairer sex.

Various colors are suitable for it, including highlighted ends or colored strands, any length of hair is allowed. The structure of the haircut on long hair will be favorably emphasized by coloring it in a contrasting color.

Why is the Wolf haircut good?

Stylists advise making a "she-wolf haircut" for ladies with a round face. With professional styling, the round face shape can be brought closer to the oval shape, but for this, you need to put the strands back and slightly rise.

The positive qualities of the "she-wolf" are as follows:

• suitable for women even with an unattractive appearance;

• corrects facial imperfections and emphasizes its beauty;

• visually adds volume;

• can be combined with any type of hair;

• compatible with different types of bangs;

• serves as the basis for almost all types of styling and a large number of hairstyles;

• combined with bright and expressive makeup;

• available for ladies of different ages;

• Compatible with coloration and highlighting.

This haircut is applicable to different types of hair:

1. long;

2. average;

3. short

She-wolf haircut for long hair with bangs

"She-Wolf" was created for extravagant ladies who are not afraid to drastically change their style and image. Any manipulation with painting will perfectly emphasize and highlight the structure of the haircut on a long head of hair. Such hair with a "she-wolf" can be dyed completely, or the ends can be highlighted or individual strands can be colored. Wolf haircut hairstyle is rath