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touched by an angel, online and hybrid beauty school


touched by an angel, online and hybrid beauty school

Patrica Thompson, Founder 

Patricia (Pat) Thompson is an Atlanta based entrepreneur/author/mentor and founder of Touched By An Angel Beauty School and Salons. She is the latest cast member of "Cutting it in the ATL", season 2.


 Success and drive sprouts from the humbled beginnings and the sacrificial contributions of an elderly grandmother named Lillie Mae who took in Pat and her sister when they were mere toddlers. Witnessing her grandmother work effortlessly, nearly 60 hours a week for $50 instilled impeccable work ethics.


 Hardworking and determined, but yet poverty-stricken with her first daughter LaPorsha, in 1993, Pat enrolled in Griffin Technological College School of Cosmetology to combine her lifelong passion to do hair with her vision to create prosperity. Working at a dry cleaner for below minimum wages and later the recipient of public assistance was not a package of options in the legacy of her heirs. Armed with passion and the ethics that hard work pays off, she birth the inception of her very first salon "Touched by an Angel" which she awarded herself as a graduation gift. In the beginning the goal was to simply open an affordable full service Jonesboro, GA beauty salon. The doors opened in 1995 and grew from one location housing four stylists to 13 locations with 60-hair stylist.



After 2 years of operation, Pat began to reflect back over her life and the difficulties of not having enough money to visit unaffordable hairdressers as a child. This led to the economical sustaining development of adding hair extensions, hereby known as “the $50 weaves”. A trend of quality paired with affordability was introduced to a new clientele thereby making the addition of hair extensions or “weaves” accessible to all walks of life. The $50 weave concept birthed from the early 1990’s by Touched by An Angel grew to popularity over the entire metro Atlanta area. Salons alike capitalize off of the million-dollar wealth building concept, so much so it continues to be imitated across the continental United States today.


 In the mist of the highs and lows of success and a failed marriage, Pat discovered additional life callings beginning with the birth of her second child Aaliyah whom she calls her autistic angel, the addition of a step-daughter Persephone and guardian daughter Pelika. Her daughters evoked that desire that lives deep within her to further seek endeavors through her business avenues to assist in the wealth building of those around her and the catapulting of Autism that extends beyond family and into the community.


 Upon expansion from business salons to a school, Pat added to her brand the Touched by an Angel Beauty School thereby furthering the outreach to help others reach their potential. She continues to nurture and educate up-and-coming successful stylist through weaving boot camps, advanced career training, professional internship programs, employment, and scholarships. Within the dream and a promise to create a legacy, her daughter LaPorsha is a Master Cosmetologist, Instructor and entrepreneur. Pat founded a non-profit organization TBA Helping Hands “A Pathway to Success”. Through the organization, the school on grand opening day awarded 30 paid in full scholarships for immediate attendance.


 Patricia Thompson's innovative ideas and concepts as well as her unique marketing strategies, brands Touched by an Angel as “home of the $50 weaves”. Billboards throughout the Atlanta metropolitan has brandished her legacy.

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