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These viral nail art designs will blow your mind and definitely make you go for a try!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

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Wearing enameled nails is not something that we began to do only 100 years ago, in Ancient Egypt they used to make up their nails to indicate the social status that each one occupied. Dark was the color of the upper class and the lighter tones were typical of the poorest.

But that was not only done in Ancient Egypt, in the Chinese Empire, but they also used beeswax, gelatin, egg white, lacquer made of Arabic gum and all kinds of plants to create their nail lacquers. The more affluent used silver, red and black colors, while the other social classes only had the right to use pastel tones. It was also in China that what we now call artificial nails were devised; they covered the nail with cones of silver and gold.

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What is causing a sensation at the moment are the semi-permanent nail polishes, ideal for those who have medium or long nails and want to take advantage of it. If you are one of those who bite your nails or have a hard time growing them, bet on acrylic nails or gel nails. Although acrylic nails are the most fashionable, with gel nails you can also achieve spectacular finishes.

The innovative semi-permanent enamels

Semi-permanent or gel-lacker polish is a nail polish that provides strong, shiny and super long-lasting results. It is a lacquer with which completely smooth finishes are achieved without the need for touch-ups. It is a gel so fine that it does not need construction, providing excellent adherence and a spectacular shine from the first application. In addition, it does not damage, stain or yellows the nail. Since it is the growth of the nail that indicates the moment of removal, it will be the taste of your client or your own that will decide how much you will remove the enamel.

The application of this technique is very easy, as is its withdrawal. In the Intensive Gel-lacker Course at Touched by an Angel Beauty School, we will show you the techniques and tools necessary to apply and remove this semi-permanent enamel, from the necessary utensils and products to the protocol and the precautions to follow for a perfect finish.

The newest thing in this nails technique is the Gel-lacker Thermogel, a new range of colors that is sensitive to changes in temperature. This implies that the tone of the enamel varies in tone constantly depending on whether the hands are cold or hot.

The usual ... acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are made by mixing acrylic powder (polymer) with acrylic liquid (monomer). Products that do not yellow and that when placed in the Wood lamp take less than 3 minutes to dry. With this technique, you can achieve strong and natural-looking nails. Its long duration must be noted without a doubt.