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These viral nail art designs will blow your mind and definitely make you go for a try!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Touched by an Angel Beauty Salon and School, here you practice beauty and define your own style.

Wearing enameled nails is not something that we began to do only 100 years ago, in Ancient Egypt they used to make up their nails to indicate the social status that each one occupied. Dark was the color of the upper class and the lighter tones were typical of the poorest.

But that was not only done in Ancient Egypt, in the Chinese Empire, but they also used beeswax, gelatin, egg white, lacquer made of Arabic gum and all kinds of plants to create their nail lacquers. The more affluent used silver, red and black colors, while the other social classes only had the right to use pastel tones. It was also in China that what we now call artificial nails were devised; they covered the nail with cones of silver and gold.

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What is causing a sensation at the moment are the semi-permanent nail polishes, ideal for those who have medium or long nails and want to take advantage of it. If you are one of those who bite your nails or have a hard time growing them, bet on acrylic nails or gel nails. Although acrylic nails are the most fashionable, with gel nails you can also achieve spectacular finishes.

The innovative semi-permanent enamels

Semi-permanent or gel-lacker polish is a nail polish that provides strong, shiny and super long-lasting results. It is a lacquer with which completely smooth finishes are achieved without the need for touch-ups. It is a gel so fine that it does not need construction, providing excellent adherence and a spectacular shine from the first application. In addition, it does not damage, stain or yellows the nail. Since it is the growth of the nail that indicates the moment of removal, it will be the taste of your client or your own that will decide how much you will remove the enamel.

The application of this technique is very easy, as is its withdrawal. In the Intensive Gel-lacker Course at Touched by an Angel Beauty School, we will show you the techniques and tools necessary to apply and remove this semi-permanent enamel, from the necessary utensils and products to the protocol and the precautions to follow for a perfect finish.

The newest thing in this nails technique is the Gel-lacker Thermogel, a new range of colors that is sensitive to changes in temperature. This implies that the tone of the enamel varies in tone constantly depending on whether the hands are cold or hot.

The usual ... acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are made by mixing acrylic powder (polymer) with acrylic liquid (monomer). Products that do not yellow and that when placed in the Wood lamp take less than 3 minutes to dry. With this technique, you can achieve strong and natural-looking nails. Its long duration must be noted without a doubt.

To learn how to perform this technique in-depth, you can take the Intensive Nail Course with traditional, odorless and flexible acrylic with which you will learn all the basic procedures to achieve a fantastic acrylic nail design.

For the makeup of your hands, the nail decoration in red always triumphs. We give you some ideas,

Gel nails

Gel nails need 2-3 coats of gel to dry with the Wood Lamp. They have a very natural effect and are much more flexible than acrylics. They are less hard than acrylics and can break more easily. You can learn this technique from the intensive initial, expert and professionals at Touched by an Angel Beauty School.

These are the techniques most demanded by clients in beauty salons, so if you still don't offer this service in your salon… don’t wait another minute! Enroll in one of the intensive courses that we have been commenting on previously or opt for one that includes almost all the techniques such as the Nail Technicians Course.

Specialize in the aesthetic sector!

In the aesthetics sector, everything changes dramatically, so staying informed of the latest trends is not only advisable, it is also a must. Intensive courses always give you that "what" so necessary to stand out and be successful as a professional. And not only that, but thanks to this complimentary training, you will be able to get a bonus at the end of the month. In addition, there are slightly more extensive courses with which you can specialize more broadly in manicure and pedicure techniques such as the Master of Nails.

Training through Touched by an angel beauty School courses, workshops or masterclasses will also allow you to be in contact with other professionals like you and exchange experiences and knowledge.

Here we propose some of the new trends in nail art so that you are up to date.

We follow the trend that they are being worn longer and longer and lately the patterns with rhinestones, brand logos and a classic ombré have triumphed, but yes, they have to be as striking and outgoing as possible.

Among the most used shapes you can find stiletto nails, they are long and end in a peak shape, creating a claw effect and coffin nails, they are long and end in a triangle shape but without a point as if they were coffins.

The nude tones

This year the search for naturalness, simplicity and minimalism has been reflected both in the length of the nails, characterized by being discreet, short and rounded, and in the chosen shades; highlighting the pinks, browns, cream and porcelain that embellish the nail in a very subtle way.

The nude tones are neutral colors so you can show off on any occasion. In addition, they allow their perfect combination with all kinds of artistic decorations, which in the autumn-winter season 2021-22 bet above all, on geometric drawings, minimalist manicures and combinations with metallic enamels.

New French Manicure

Forget everything you know about the classic French manicure because it is a thing of the past. Now, we see how this style has adapted to the new trends of 2021.

The French manicure will be seen in all its forms, mainly with gradients of neon tones and pastels. You can wear them as long as you like and play with the shape of the tip. Another on-trend style is to be worn with the colored tips to give your nails another silhouette without cutting or filing them, thus creating a visual effect with a thin triangle French.

Minimalist designs

Forget about complicated designs and let yourself be carried away by the most minimalist. Nail polish with glitter, porcelain colors or pastel pink adorned with tiny geometric figures such as triangles or squares are in fashion. But above all the lines are carried ... of all kinds! Made up by hand vertically across the nail, on the cuticles, in parallel, etc. The most fashionable colors for these graphic designs are black and white. But you can also see lines on nude nails with phosphoric enamels ... that's up to you!

"Black is black"

Dark colors have come with great force this autumn-winter season and black takes on special importance. Both matt and shiny black tones are worn. And if you want to be creative, the combinations between the two are also welcome as they give the nail a more sophisticated design.

The transparent manicure or the "Jelly Nails"

The transparent effect that you have been seeing all summer in bags, raincoats, backpacks and all kinds of garments is now transferred to the nails. Yes, yes, as you read. Don't they remind you of tinted sunglasses? All that is needed are transparent false nails that stand out over the real nail. Then, it is about mixing the color you want on your nails with a transparent lacquer to achieve that crystalline effect that we are looking for.

Are you looking to specialize in the sector of your dreams? At Touched by an Angel Beauty Salon and School we offer different intensive nail courses with which you can specialize in the most pioneering nail trends and techniques in the sector:

Master in nails.

Gel-Lacker Intensive Course

Intensive manicure and pedicure.

Intensive Course - Nail decoration with gel and colored acrylics

Intensive Course - One Stroke (Level I) - Nail decoration

Nails with traditional acrylic, odorless and flexible

Intensive Nail Dipping Course

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