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How to Master The Art Of Curtain Bangs

How to Master The Art Of Curtain Bangs: Here's The Inspiration You Need

Yes, it is the most popular bangs on TikTok. It gives us a super 90's look just with its presence. And it looks good on any type of face. What kind of bangs are we talking about? Well, the curtain bangs or curtain fringes. In fact, it is difficult to find a famous one who does not wear it right now. Beyonce, Nathalie Emmanuel, Rihanna… All of them have fallen. And if you are here it is because perhaps you will be the next to fall.

What is curtain bangs or curtain fringe?

The curtain fringe is a type of fringe that is characterized by being shorter in the central part, near the hairline, and longer as it approaches the ears. It gives a softer and more natural look to the face than straight bangs, falling to the side and framing the face gracefully.

This type of bangs was a trend during the 90s, but it has its origin in the 60s and 70s and was popularized by icons, but social networks and confinement as a catalyst have made it almost a symbol of generation Z.

What type of face do curtain bangs suit best?

Curtain bangs can be styled to fit any face shape and instantly add personality. Long, wide or textured bangs give any hair an instant fresh air without the need for layering. It's a fun, low-commitment way to change up your look.

In general, it looks better on medium and long haircuts, because being long bangs on the sides it needs a little more length to be appreciated. It is suitable for straight, wavy and curly hair (although the latter will require more maintenance).

Hairstyle Showdown: Curtain Bangs vs. Short bangs

The 2021-22 fall-winter seasons are billed as the fringe season. Bangs that look paraded, lateral, long and short according to the tastes of each one. What bangs to choose and why? It is the perfect time to celebrate a hairdo duel between curtain bangs and short bangs.

The curtain bangs

The curtain bangs, ideal on long hair is worn long, deep and structured. The perfect ally for thick and soft hair, these bangs adds substance and style to the hairstyles of the season. On a day-to-day basis, it is sleek and eye-catching, so think about it before adopting it! And it is that the curtain bangs are not discreet, and it is difficult to get rid of them. These bangs, cut almost to the millimeter, require regular care and are ideal for intensifying rather discreet cuts and adding a touch of originality and glam & rock.

The short bangs

This fringe was the star of the year 2000 and is coming back strong this season. Lightness, originality and style are perfect adjectives to define these bangs that are only a few centimeters long. The short bangs, perfectly trimmed, are brushed or smoothed according to the desired effect. Whether you have long or short hair, this fringe suits all tastes.

Our verdict

The more modern curtain bangs version is the star this season. On a day-to-day basis, it is worn with hair down or tied up in a smooth ponytail. Short bangs are much more difficult to take on, especially its carded version. And it is difficult to wear a fringe that appears to be a "mistake" of scissors.

The domed curtain bangs

This curtain bangs style is used to wear with natural blonde medium-length hair. To achieve an original cut and give volume to your hair chose to get a curtain bangs domed. Although these bangs are straight, look more beautiful with natural curls in the hair and a geometric cut will perfectly suit your urban and chic style.

The trick of the day

“To show off a nice curved fringe, it is best to dry it with a round brush. Work your bangs by rolling the brush and apply some hairsprays that the hairstyle is kept for as long as possible”.

The medium hair with braided curtain bangs

A half mane light brown in color. It is loose and structured with a side parting. It can be opted for a gradient to create volume and blonde highlights to add luminosity and relief to hair. The braid falls to the middle of the hair and its ends blend into the rest of the hair. This sophisticated hairstyle is perfect in any circumstance and whatever your style.

The trick to keeping this style

“The wicks of another color are perfect to illuminate your hair. Choose one or two shades lighter than your natural base. Afterward, take care of your hair with the Intense Color shampoo from the Color Therapy range to maintain and prolong its beauty”.

The golden blonde medium length hair with Curtain bangs

A half mane is thick and slightly wavy with a fringe that ends at eye level. This gaze appears half-hidden, which enhances your mouth with a very glamorous shade of red. The detail that makes the cut perfect is, without a doubt, ultra-luminous blonde coloring inspired by the 90s, which adds shine, dynamism and character to the ensemble.

The trick to achieving this look

If you want to achieve this color, incorporate some specific care into your hair routine. Apply once a week the Deep Color mask of the Color Therapy range on damp hair. Let it act for 5 minutes and rinse it off. Your hair will regain all its shine.

Curtain bangs with voluminous hair

A medium brown hair, gross and wavy. These bangs suit best with thick hair that can indulge in all the hair crazy things that come to mind without taking any risk. As hair will always be flawless when you go to your trusted hairstylist tell her to get thick curtain bangs that end just above your eyes. When it is combed, it leaves its long natural hair and smooth bangs. If not for the fact that you straighten your bangs, hair does not require any other care: your voluminous hairstyle will always be perfect!

The trick of this style

Women with voluminous hair are extremely lucky that they can get the curtain bangs they like best. Whichever bangs you choose, they will fit you perfectly. Of course, these types of hair topics are better not to do them yourself at home, make an appointment at the hairdresser!

The straight curtain bangs with a wavy mane

A long and wavy mane. With dark brown hair and the points lighter shades, wearing curtain bangs quite a wide side that fall below eyes and that structure the face. The combination of wavy hair with bangs is undoubtedly a very flattering option. The association of textures brings a modern and original side to the cut that stands out even more with the makeup in nude tones. In short, it achieves a sober look as well as informal.

The trick for straight curtain bangs

Do you straighten your bangs daily? Apply in advance a thermo-protective serum to preserve its vitality. Leave it natural or wavy from time to time. You can change your style without giving up a flawless hairstyle!

How To Wear Geometric Curtain Bangs

The Asian manes are thick hair and smooth. The best of all? They have a beautiful natural shine. Hence, they stand out when they wear long and stylish hair. To give hair a special touch, it is chosen to get curtain bangs perfectly cut: straight, smooth and exactly above the eyes. Geometric bangs are the envy of all!

Trick to keep geometric curtain bangs

Asian manes are dark by nature. So if you want to lighten it, do not apply more than two or three shades above your natural color. When you have done the coloring, remember that you must take care of your hair with specific and adapted moisturizing products, such as those of the Color Therapy range by Jean Louis David.

What bangs go for curly hair?

Women with curly hair have long believed that they had no right to wear bangs. However, there is nothing to structure a cut like well-chosen and well-done bangs.

Curly hair

Before opting for curtain bangs, you have to have very healthy curly hair. To do this, use shampoo and treatments that fight against its dry nature. It is also highly recommended to degrade the hair to better distribute its volume.

There are no prohibitions regarding the curls-bangs alliance, although there is nothing worse than very short bangs. It will be more difficult to take care of on a day-to-day basis and, in addition, it depends a lot on the weather. In the rain, the bangs rise and, in the case of a short one, it loses all grace!

Before going to the hairdresser, think carefully about what bangs you want. Your hairdresser will be able to better advise you on how to wear it. If you plan to straighten your bangs, it does not matter what it measures. Of course, if you want to leave it natural, you will have to cut it less to be able to comb it daily.

In general, smooth, curly hair is best with long bangs and a little to the side bangs, simpler to carry. It is ideal when it is worn degraded or paraded and to a given side, which allows it to provide a structured touch while preserving the wild appearance of your curly hair.

How to take care of Curly hair Bangs?

Regarding care, it is advisable to go to the hairdresser regularly (every two months) to avoid that the bangs grow too longer lose their shape. In the case of curly hair, bangs are a real attribute, so it is better to take care of it!


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