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Touched By An Angel Beauty School Online Program can allow you to maintain your job to continue working, raising a family, or keeping up with other commitments while gaining skills that can lead to an enjoyable career. You can study in your free time and get the education you need to become a cosmetology professional.

Without the hassle of class schedules and commuting, online beauty schools can help you prepare for a future in cosmetology, makeup artistry, nail technician, barbering and esthetics. Learning online can teach you everything you need to know about the cosmetology field.




In our Cosmetology Hybrid program, you’ll learn cutting, coloring and styling techniques as well as extensions, nails, skin treatments and more.

Express your creativity and talent in hair, skin, nail care and makeup application. Our cosmetology program at the Touch by an Angle Beauty School incorporates at least 1,500 hours of extensive hands-on learning to provide you a complete understanding of beauty and wellness. Upon completion, you will be ready to take the state licensing exam.

You'll love the way we learn!

Digital learning doesn't replace in-class instruction or the hours. You spend in the student salon. Instead, it elevates and enhances.

What you learn in the classroom. With digital learning, you learn more-and you learn better. All while having fun.

We Use CIMA by Milady!

  • Works on whatever devices you use.

  • It is available 24/7 wherever you are.

  • Accommodates all learning styles.

  • Chat with your instructors and classmates and get real-time grading and instant feedback on assignments and quizzes.

  • Better prepares you to pass your state licensing exam! 


Make learning fun, engaging, and efficient!  

Learn more about CIMA by Milady at



Touched By An Angel Beauty School Nail Technician Hybrid Program is designed to provide the student with the necessary requirements needed to pass the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology examination as well as prepare them for an entry level position in a salon or spa.


The need for professional Nail Technicians to provide creative artistic, healthy and beauty solutions for the nails is growing significantly, and our objective is to assure we train and educate the top candidates in the industry.


Total Program Length

​600 total hours
Full-time day: 6.5 Months
Part-time Evening: 8 Months

Full-Time Nail Care Day Program 

​Monday – Friday 9:00am – 2:30pm

Part-Time Nail Care Night Program

Tuesday – Thursday
6:00pm – 10:00pm
Saturdays 8:30am – 4:30pm

Online or In Person

Manicured Hands
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Online Training Benefits for Estheticians
Being able to get esthetician certification online is easier than you think it might be. At first, the idea seems a little odd since you are not in classes with other students.

In reality, you are able to accomplish quite a lot through online training, and you’re still able to do other things. Online esthetician schools are still governed by the requirements set forth by each state’s board of cosmetology.

Attend Classes Anytime – Since the online school curriculum consists of videos, assigned reading, or even webinars, the time constraints associated with traditional schools are not an issue. You can work at your own pace, even if you need a little bit longer for some techniques or concepts than to do for others. Since the classes and the coursework is all online, students can log in 24 hours a day to take their lessons. This is very handy for students who work during the day, or who must be elsewhere during regular business hours. Touched By Angel Beauty School also offer in person training to finish your training off. We offer a schedule to fit your needs. Call or text Today: 470-399-5356



Touched By An Angel Barber School online courses.
While the hands-on training will have to be done in-person, the theory courses can be completed online at your own pace. The follow course outlines describe some common barber theory classes you'll find in online barber training programs. These will aid in the education needed to obtain, or renew a barber license online.

Touched By An Angel Beauty School understand the state laws that statutes and codes for barbering and cosmetology. When a Laws for Barbering and Cosmetology course is offered online, it usually reflects the rules of the state in which the offering school's brick-and-mortar campus resides. Touched By An Angel Beauty School Students learn about the different laws governing licensure, inspections, penalties, and the responsibilities of barbers and cosmetologists.


A typical barbering course is called a Hygiene and Sanitation course. This class emphasizes the methods used for proper safety, sanitation, and cleanliness in cosmetology and barbering establishments. The dangers of poor sanitation are also examined, regarding such issues as HIV and other infections. Students also learn to apply universal precautions when in contact with clients.

Sometimes consisting of both classroom work and online study, a Barber Instructor course helps prepare students to become instructors at barber and beauty schools. Students learn about record keeping, grading, developing lesson plans, setting goals, managing classroom assignments, and basic first aid.
A course on Shop Management is aimed at licensed barbers or cosmetologists interested in owning and operating their own business. Topics include marketing techniques, small business opportunities, choosing employees, financing and risk management.

In the basic Hairstyling and Hair cutting courses, students will learn the fundamentals of men's hair cutting. The course will cover how to handle basic equipment such as scissors, clippers, combs and razors, as well as introducing some beginner level hairstyles. With a course focusing on customer service, barbers learn how to interact with customers in a way that encourages them to return for service in the future. Topics of study include effective communication strategies, service pricing, and conflict resolution.

A course specializing in retail management helps barbers who want to sell personal care products like shampoo and conditioner in addition to providing barbering services. Students learn how to select and price merchandise, as well as how to set it up in an appealing way within a barbershop. #tbabeautyschool Touched By An Angel have the program to fit your needs, Call Today.

Touched By An Angel Jonesboro Beauty School
Touched By An Angel Riverdale Beauty School
Touched By An Angel Union City Beauty School

At the Barbershop
Trimming Beard



Touched By An Angel Beauty School
Makeup Artist Diploma Program

Our Performance Makeup Artist Diploma Program is an in-depth and comprehensive program designed to prepare students for immediate employment as makeup and wig artists for performing arts including live theater, opera, ballet, television, music video, and film.

We challenge you to find a more rigorous training program!


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