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Threading - All You Need To Know

Fighting unwanted hair on the body is an essential part of self-care for many fair feminines. Today there are many different techniques for dealing with excess hair. One of them is threading or trimming.

General Information

Threading, or trimming, is an ancient technique for removing unwanted hair from any part of the body. This is an excellent alternative method that can be substituted for waxing, sugaring, photo epilation, or shaving. For the first time, women started threading in eastern countries. In addition, this method has been actively used by women around the world.

The thread allows you to get rid of excess hair for longer. Most often, threading is done to clean the skin of the face. This method is useful for removing fine hair from under the lower lip, removing above the upper lip on the cheeks. This procedure works well for sculpting eyebrows as well. Less often, use thread to remove hair on the legs in the bikini area.

Silk threads are used in the threading, with which excess hair on the skin is quickly removed.

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The essence of the method is:

You take a silk thread, fold it in the shape of figure eight and slide it over the skin, trapping the hair against its growth. It is not possible to thread all areas of the body yourself. For example, threading in a bikini area (particularly deep) or under the armpits is problematic. In this case, visit the professionals in the salon.

Advantages and disadvantages

Threading has its positive and negative sides. The advantages of this method include:

  • no financial investment is required;

  • The procedure is easy to perform, possibly on your own, without seeing a beautician.

  • Hair growth is slow; the effects last about a month.

  • Threading does not provoke the development of an allergic reaction, as in a waxing situation;

  • By threading it, hair of any density can be removed. You can remove more than one hair in one movement, but several at the same time.

  • in addition, dead particles of the epidermis are removed;

  • The damage to the epidermis is minimal.

  • With systematic performance, the hair becomes less dense and grows much more slowly.

In such a procedure, it is very important to follow all the necessary rules, use antiseptics to treat the skin, carry out proper preparation and adhere to the rules of care after flossing.