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Makeup tricks that nobody had told you to make your look sexier

Add these little details in your eye makeup and you will see how your look becomes more attractive and sexy as if by magic. Trust us; the following tips are all you need!

If you want to conquer your look and make it much more sensual, take your shadows, eyeliners and mascara, and put the following tips into practice!

It is true that the key to being sexier is the attitude, but we cannot deny that the look also plays an important role when it comes to seducing, especially if we learn to make up with almond and feline features. You've tried?

Although it sounds difficult, it really is not that much (you just need to know the bases and practice) and so that you can check it without dying trying, in Touched by an Angel Beauty School, we share the specific makeup tricks to make the look sexier, easily and fast. You will see that you do not need to be an expert to achieve it!

Mark brows at a sharp angle

It is the number one step to start creating the sexy frame on the face. All you need to do is define the 'peak' of the brows at an angle, so they look slightly more lifted and with character. The important thing is that they do not look with a rounded arch, but more straight, in order to avoid looking cute and giving that seductive twists.

To find out where to draw the arc, place a pencil that goes from the corner of the nose and passes through the iris. Wherever it meets the eyebrow, there it is.

Apply the shadows with an elongated shape

Makeup in the style of 'foxy eyes' is your best ally to look sexier, but here we give you another simpler option to obtain the same result: apply a transition shadow in the crease of the eye, place a wine shadow in the' V 'external and lengthen it like a cat eye, joining with the fold.

Blend with a thick brush always with circular and upward movements, and apply a shimmering shadow (either cherry or gold) on the mobile eyelid.

The sexiest shadow colors you should use the range of reds, cherries, browns, mauves, terracotta and gold.

Put a touch of shine

Applying a pearl or champagne shadow on strategic points of the eye will definitely make your look ultra-sexy. Where should you put it? Place a point in the lacrimal, another in the center of the eyelid and another one on the brow bone. If you don't want such a produced makeup, a touch on the tear duct will be enough.

Make a feline outline

Yes, it is declared that the sexiest line of all is the cat-eye and we recommend that you trace it after the shadows and before the mascara so that it is perfect. If your eyes are small, create a traditional cat eye (not so thin) and apply nude eyeliner to the waterline. If your eyes are large, make a cat-eye that surrounds the entire eye so that the look is much more intense and captivating.

Remember that the cat-eye must follow that elongated shape of the shadows so that the look looks super-hot.

Work on your lashes

So that the lashes scream sexy! You don't need a lot of layers of mascara. You just need to learn how to apply this product the right way. How? Run the brush from the middle of the lashes outwards, applying the product in a zigzag pattern from roots to ends. At the end, separate with a clean brush.

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