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Zero waste makeup: the best alternatives without plastic

Zero waste makeup is a beneficial alternative for the planet and for your skin

Nowadays, most of the conventional products that we use to put on make-up come in plastic containers: mascara, make-up bases, eyeliners… they are some of the most common examples whose container is made from this material. This leads to the fact that, once the makeup product is finished, its container is thrown away, generating a large amount of waste that ends up being deposited in our seas and oceans.

Consequently, this fact causes great damage to the environment. In addition, the vast majority of these products are loaded with harmful chemicals that come into contact with your skin and can even cause visible problems on our face or allergies. For this reason, we encourage you to gradually put aside conventional makeup products to make way for zero residue makeup.

However, at Touched by an Angel Salon, we know that this is not an easy task since finding brands that sell 0 waste makeup today is not common. For this reason, we have gone ahead and done research to help you make this ecological transition. We have looked for ecological alternatives and tested some of the brands with this philosophy that could replace conventional brands.

Next, we provide you with the best ecological alternatives that we have found.

Ecological makeup alternatives and 0 waste

Brushes and sponges

If you already have makeup brushes and sponges, we advise you to take advantage of them and not to throw them away until they break or wear out. On the other hand, if you have to renew or buy new brushes and sponges, we advise you to get ecological brushes and sponges. These are made from materials or waste that respect the planet and do not pollute the environment once they are disposed of. We advise you to get bamboo brushes and sponges that, instead of having the plastic handle, are built with a handle made of bamboo. Another option is to apply makeup with a natural sponge or with an ecological sponge whose manufacturing and packaging process are 100% ecological.


One option that we propose is to use ecological lipstick brands. Today there are some 0 waste brands that do not use plastic containers. The containers are biodegradable and respectful with the environment.

Another option is to create your own organic and vegan lipsticks. In the online class and make up classes at Touched by an Angel Beauty School we teach you how to make your homemade 0 waste lipstick in an easy and fun way. Take a look at our website and go ahead and make an appointment.

Foundations and correctors

For foundations and makeup correctors, we advise you to use the products that come in a glass container. Unlike the plastic container, the glass container does not harm the environment as much as plastic. We have found two quite ecological makeup options:

• Zao brand makeup base. The product comes in a glass and bamboo container.

• Lush makeup base. It comes in a solid format, therefore it does not need packaging and does not generate waste. It is also 100% vegan and handmade.


Undoubtedly the best method to create the eye line is to use a pencil-format eyeliner. Eyeliner pencils do not generate so much waste since the product disappears as we use it while we remove the tip with the pencil sharpener. On the other hand, if you are one of those who prefer to use a liquid eyeliner, the most recommended option is to create a homemade liquid eyeliner. In our section Do it yourself! We teach you how to create it easily and simply.

In just a few steps you will get a perfect zero residue and toxic-free liquid eyeliner, perfect to use in your daily makeup routine. Finally, if you prefer to buy your liquid eyeliners instead of manufacturing it, we recommend that you use a glass jar format. There are brands that offer eyeliners in a small glass jar. You just have to wet the product with an ecological brush and outline your eyes normally. In this way, you will save having to use plastic. Remember that glass is a much more sustainable and ecological material.

Eye shadows

Eye shadow containers are generally made of plastic, therefore, once the product is finished, it becomes waste that ends up polluting our planet. As a solution, we propose two alternatives:

1. Use shadow marks 0 waste

Some makeup brands have replaced their plastic containers with more environmentally friendly ones.

2. Use a replaceable eye shadow palette

The makeup brand INGLOT uses a replaceable paddle system. This means that once a specific shadow is finished, it is not necessary to throw away the entire palette, but you can replace the shadow with a new one. We believe that it is a good system since, not only do you avoid throwing the entire palette from the palette, but you also end up saving money since you only have to invest in the shadow in particular. Also, another advantage is that you can customize the palette to your liking.


At Touched by an Angel Beauty School, we show you how to create your own 0 residue mascara. Without a doubt, it is the most ecological and sustainable option that we have found.

Nail polish

Finally, if you are one of those who like to paint your nails, we recommend that you use ecological 0 waste brands.


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