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Professional Make-up Course at TBA

Do you want to learn how to do your makeup like a professional? Or maybe you want to perfect your technique?

To be a great hairdresser and make-up artist you not only need a lot of techniques, creativity and imagination, have a prominent place in this highly vocational profession!

Thanks to the passion that Touched by an Angel Beauty School put into their work and desire to continue growing and improving professionally. This Cosmetology School presents a space where you can find other aspects of your talent as a hairdresser and makeup artist to create fantasy outfits, Halloween makeup, Cosplay, Pin Up by yourself...

Whether you are a professional who wants to improve your makeup and / or up do technique, or an individual who likes makeup and would like to learn how to put on better makeup, I invite you to discover the latest makeup and hairstyle trends with TBA Aesthetic courses of self-makeup, master of collected and master of makeup.

Get ideas of additional courses at TBA:

Thanks to Touched by Angel Beauty School's training, its years of experience and the quality of the result, other professionals admire its training. TBA has decided to share its knowledge through online programs, blogging and manually in unique Master Classes adapted to each level. So you can train only in what interests you with the assurance that it is what the client is demanding at the moment.

Touched by Angel Beauty School teaches you the most professional tricks to improve your technique and creativity and achieve perfect results.

Self-makeup course

Do you want to learn how to put on makeup with your own tools? Would you like to learn the tricks of the professionals?

With our self-makeup classes, you will learn in a fun and definitive way, how to put on makeup for every occasion. You can learn individually or in the company of your friends or family.

Makeup master

Are you a makeup artist and want to perfect your technique? Do you want to catch up on the latest products? Have you studied for a long time and want to rejoin working life?

This course teaches students the essential skills needed to work in the fashion and beauty industries as well as techniques needed for film, television and theatre. Students are taught to create glamour, period and character look without the use of sculptures, molds or other prosthetics. This class is ideal for those looking to exercise creativity by creating elaborate styles using only makeup and their imaginations.

This online Cosmetology School adapts to different techniques and levels depending on your knowledge and needs.

Master of collected

Are you a working hairdresser and want to perfect or learn new hair collection techniques?

With TBA exclusive master for active hairdressers, you will be able to learn the latest updo trends and the most advanced techniques so that you can perfect your style.

Learn how to incorporate synthetic hairpieces or natural hair extensions. Learn to Master your skills to get different finishes. Carded, twisted, braids ... Learn only what you need!

Certification Program of Touched by an Angel Beauty school

The Certification Program consists of the following courses:

· Basic Makeup I,

· Basic Makeup II,

· Media Makeup HD,

· Media (Runway/Fantasy/Editorial),

· Theatrical Makeup,

· Clinical Makeup and Careers in Makeup Artistry

Advanced courses include

· Airbrush,

· Bridal,

· Media II and

· Theatrical II.

Do not hesitate! Get in touch with Touched by an Angel Salon and Scool.

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