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Tricks to wear an Arda wig without being noticed

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

If you want to change your 'look', but do not dare to cut or dye your hair, choose the favorite option of Touched by an Angel beauty school, the Arda wig. Take note of how you should position it to achieve a natural and perfect result.

Touched by an Angel Beauty Salon and school is a fan of wearing Arda wigs to change the look of their clients. We do it without damaging their hair the least, a simple and fast option that more and more clients choose to feel different for at least one day.

You should know wearing a wig is as important as hitting the nail with the color and the cut when you decide to change is choosing the right Arda wig. Above all, placing it correctly so that no one can notice that you are wearing an Arda wig, something in which Touched by an Angel salon and School is an expert.

How to put on an Arda wig step by step

Make Arda wig ready to comb

First of all, if you want to achieve a finish as real and natural, you should invest a little more money in acquiring a natural hair model (you can also find them with animal hair and synthetic hair). That has full lace in the inner part, that is, a mesh in which each strand is sewn, this will make the finish perfect, they are easier to comb and allow your scalp to breathe better.

Placement process

Once you have your Arda wig is ready, it is time to start the placement process. Putting one on is not as obvious as simply putting it on your head as you could do at a costume party. But it has its procedure.

First of all, you should prepare your skin by cleaning the hairline area well with a cotton swab dipped in make-up remover to remove any excess oil and thus allow the glue to adhere properly. Afterward, just as when they dye your hair, they put a protector to prevent the root and skin from picking up the pigments, you should use a protector to avoid possible allergic reactions to the glue.

Picking up your hair

Did you get it? Let's go to the next step. Picking up your hair correctly will determine the final result. It is not as simple as combing your hair in a high bun, you must take care of the details avoiding that some areas are bulkier than others. If you have midi hair you can, for example, make small braids from the roots to the nape and if it is long. Comb it into a low ponytail and bring it up in a strip holding it with hairpins.

Securing Wig

Next, to prevent your wig from moving, you should use a net cap to cover all your hair and secure it with a pair of bobby pins on the sides. Now it is time to put the glue, this step is essential if you want the wig to hold in place for longer. Apply, with the help of a brush and without exceeding the amount, glue suitable for the skin in the area of ​​the forehead. You can also apply it to the edge of the cap for greater fixation. Let the adhesive dry slightly before putting on the wig.

Eye! do not put it directly on the glue, as you could square it wrong and there would be no going back, you would have to remove all the glue before putting it back. Put it on your head leaving about four fingers from the forehead and to prevent the glue from staining your wig, collect the hair in a ponytail. Finally, you see bringing the wig to the glue and use a barbed comb to fix it in sections by pressing lightly with it. Ready! You are now perfect to go out with your new and temporary makeover.

If you consider all this process time-consuming or you are not as perfect to do it yourself, come visit us and gain experience at Touched by an Angel Beauty School. We have a highly professional and well-trained staff to help you out with any issue regarding Wigs.

Looking forward to your visit!


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