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How to put on clip-in hair extensions easily?

Hair extensions are a great way to give your hair more length and volume. If they're made from natural hair, you can dye them to match your color, give those highlights, or even style them. There is a trick to applying them. However, if you don't do it right, the results may seem unnatural. The length and texture of your hair will also make a difference when applying them.

Today, women spend a lot of time and effort on their hair. Many want long, lush hair. There are studies that show that men consider women with long hair more attractive than women with shorter hair. If you want long hair or want to add some volume, clip in extensions or combs are a perfect solution, and in this article, we show you how to put in clip in hair extensions yourself.

You may find that attaching the clip-in extensions is a bit tricky at first. However, with practice, you will begin to feel more comfortable and therefore the time required to apply them will decrease.

Get ready to wear or apply the clip-in extensions

· 1.- Get clip-in extensions that match your hair color

· 2.- Separate the wefts into groups according to the number of clip extensions they have

· 3.- Brush the clip-in extensions with a clean brush

· 4.- Iron or curl the extensions to match your hair, if desired

· 6.- Wash, dry and brush your hair

Steps on how to use Clip Extensions

Today we will discuss a super useful and 100% practical post: How to apply clip extensions step by step, without tangling your hair or dying trying. Are you dying to know how? Well, attentive, let's start!

To make everything much more illustrative and easy to follow, we have prepared several little things with which you can help yourself:

1. - Divide the hair under your ears

Slide the handle of a tail comb through your hair, just below your ears. Tie the hair on top of the comb and check the horizontal line you made in the mirror to make sure it is even. Any strands of hair that you interrupt can snag on the comb and cause discomfort.

• Ideally, the line should be level with the bottom of your ears.

• It would be a good idea to brush the loose hair under the comb once more to make sure it is detangled.

2. - Insert a weft of 3 clip extensions into your hair, just below the line

Find a weft that has 3 clip extensions sewn into it. Open the comb clip of the weft. Lay the weft on the horizontal line and slide the clip in extensions into your hair, as close to the roots as possible and close them. Start with the middle clip first, and then attach the others. Keep the extensions 1 inch (2.5 cm) from your hairline for a natural look.

3. - Repeat the process at the height of the middle of the ear

Drop another section of hair. Use your tail comb to create a second horizontal line that is level with the middle of your ears. Gather all the hair above the line into a bun, as you have done before. Insert a weft of 4 clip extensions at the roots just below the line. Again, attach the middle clip extensions first, then the others.

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