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Crochet or Latch Hook Braids: One of the most Versatile Protective Styling

If you feel that with the current hairstyle you cannot project the image you want, this is your moment of clarity, do not miss it! At Touched by an Angel Beauty School we know that the African Crochet braids style hairstyle can help you reflect your hidden personality.

We have the best service in the sector to get the haircut, braiding and other hair care techniques you need by simply making an appointment. In addition,

We have a series of benefits for the competition:

• We are experts in all types of hairstyles with braids, dreadlocks, latch hook braids and extensions.

• We apply the best techniques and treatments for all types of curls.

• We only work with top-level hairdressing brands suitable for your type of afro hair.

With the crochet braid technique, we achieve an infinite range of looks without putting the health of your hair at risk. Change the texture, length, color or volume without the need for harsh chemicals for your scalp. And it is that the crochet braid technique is within the protective hairstyles since it is based on the braiding of all your hair and the placement of extensions on top. In addition, its duration can be extended up to two months, the hair is washed normally and its maintenance is minimal.

Crochet braids, also known as latch hook braids, are techniques for braiding hair that involve crocheting synthetic hair extensions to a person's natural hair with a latch hook or crochet hook. While crochet braids are a hybrid of traditional braids, they're considered to be more similar to weaves $65 Crochet Braids.

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Get to know this technique that will add versatility to your hair without losing its naturalness.

Tired of seeing you always the same? If you are a daring person who loves to change your look, try colors, haircuts and new textures, we have an ideal proposal for you: the crochet braid technique. Perhaps you have never heard of it but when you meet it, endless possibilities will open up before you. With them, you can go from medium hair, smooth and blonde to one with scandal curls, long and brown, for example.

The limit? Your imagination

What is this technique based on?

Crochet braids are a technique that is one of the protective styles of hair. This technique is based on the placement of extensions, usually synthetic, by means of knots that are made with a special tool called crochet or carpet crochet. Thus, depending on the length, texture and color of the extensions, we can radically change the appearance of our hair without changing anything in our own hair, which will remain under the extensions and will not suffer damage due to the use of chemical products such as dyes, permanent liquids, etc.

Main care

• Once the extensions are in place, the care of the crochet braid is not complex. In general, the crochet braids that we sell and place at Touched By An Angel Beauty School can be washed every week, preferably with natural products without sulfates or parabens. It is very important to put special emphasis on the scalp and rinse with plenty of cold or warm water to avoid itching.

• As for drying and styling, we must avoid the dryer since synthetic fibers do not withstand heat and can lose the curl. The same happens with combs, which when brushing usually modify the texture of the crochet braid, so we always recommend combing with your hands.

• The duration of the crochet braids will depend on the growth rate of the hair of the person who wears them. It can usually last between a month and two, with exceptions. We will have to remove them when the root is already very grown and we notice that they are no longer comfortable.

On the other hand, does your hair look dull or damaged before doing a new type of hairstyle? We can apply a revitalizing mask with natural oils, the latest in our catalog.

We carry out all kinds of hair treatments, afro perms, straightening, cuts and even professional makeup and manicures. Discover for yourself all the benefits of our services, and enjoy the results!

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