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Tips on how to style curly hair: Tame your mane!

We know that curly hair is difficult to tame, but not impossible! If you want to show off perfect and well-defined curls, you will have to take into account aspects such as the hair products you use, the type of comb, the grooming routine ... and more secrets that only authentic curly girls know. In this article, we give you some tips to style curly hair, as well as some curly hairstyles that will make you fall in love. Long live natural curls!

How to style curly hair?

When we really want to comb curly hair the goals are:

· That the curl is natural, beautiful and defined (and it will hold us like that all day!).

· Let it be loose, free, with movement. No caked curls with pounds of foam!

· That we can detangle and style curly hair without dying in the attempt.

· Don't let the “Frizz “visit us anymore.

Take note of these tricks to style curly hair and get the most out of your curls, whether you have short curly hair or have XXL long hair.

1. Wash curly hair with a sulfate-free shampoo

Actually, to be able to comb curly hair without problems and that the curl is natural, the action begins before, in the wash. Sulfates are great enemies of curls since they dry out the hair a lot and promote the dreaded frizz.

2. Condition your curls

This step is essential so that they are hydrated and do not lose definition. The conditioner should be applied from medium to ends (you can help with a wide barbed comb) and rinsed with warm water (hot water increases the frizz effect ).

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3. Detangle with care

Always with wet hair, to remove knots from curly hair it is essential to do it from the ends upwards, going up little by little to the roots. This will prevent curly hair from breaking and frizzing.

4. Define the curl with wet hair

To define the curl there are several techniques, depending on the type of hair (if you have it more or less thick), the type of curl, porosity, etc. Generally, specific products are used to activate the curl ( booster ) and hair serum to seal the ends.

At the same time that products are used, manual techniques are also used to shape the curl: the famous scrunch or “mulli mulli” (which is nothing more than tightening the hair from ends to roots to increase the shrinkage and elasticity of the curl ), praying hands (stretching the curly hair down, with both palms of the hand open), finger coiling (winding the curl with the fingers, one by one), rake and shake (passing the fingers through the curl as if it were a rake and shaking it), roping (taking strands of hair and squeezing them w