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DESIGNS FOR SHORT NAILS, the fashion of 2022

It is difficult to imagine a well-groomed woman without a beautiful fashionable manicure, the finishing touch that completes the modern image. The main stylish trends in nail design 2022, the most recent novelties of 2022, popular and original ideas for any event and mood, selected photos. Create your own unique image!

At first glance, it may seem that it is already impossible to invent something new in manicure: a jacket, broken glass, drawings, gel lacquers, rhinestones - all this has already happened.

But, despite a large number of past stages, each season nail art never tires of surprising us with the next surprises.

Nail design also has many interesting ideas for women of fashion, and we propose to get acquainted with them in advance to make them the absolute trends for the coming year.

Many women love to have their nails super short. It is comfortable for them, easier to maintain or they are simply used to it. If you are a fan of this length and you thought that you could not fill your hands with original and fun designs, today you will realize that you have many options to wear designs for super cool short nails.

Love your short nails!