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DESIGNS FOR SHORT NAILS, the fashion of 2022

It is difficult to imagine a well-groomed woman without a beautiful fashionable manicure, the finishing touch that completes the modern image. The main stylish trends in nail design 2022, the most recent novelties of 2022, popular and original ideas for any event and mood, selected photos. Create your own unique image!

At first glance, it may seem that it is already impossible to invent something new in manicure: a jacket, broken glass, drawings, gel lacquers, rhinestones - all this has already happened.

But, despite a large number of past stages, each season nail art never tires of surprising us with the next surprises.

Nail design also has many interesting ideas for women of fashion, and we propose to get acquainted with them in advance to make them the absolute trends for the coming year.

Many women love to have their nails super short. It is comfortable for them, easier to maintain or they are simply used to it. If you are a fan of this length and you thought that you could not fill your hands with original and fun designs, today you will realize that you have many options to wear designs for super cool short nails.

Love your short nails!

Short nails are the best because they allow you to perform any type of daily task without any difficulty or fear that the manicure will be ruined.

It is true that when you start looking for inspiration to try different trends, the first thing you find are divine, original and fun ideas but most of them are to be put into practice on people with very long nails. But do not be discouraged, today we tell you designs to inspire and encourage you to set a trend.

Simple short nails

If in addition to wearing them short, you like the designs to be simple and as minimalist as possible, without a problem you will have many ideal options on hand to achieve it. For example, you can paint your nails with Diamond Glitter Gel Enamel that will give you a transparent look full of shine; and leave the nail of the ring finger free to apply a color such as black. And, on the rest of your nails, draw a simple black dot to give your hands a different but super simple look. How about?

Geometric designs

This style of nail art is one of the favorites of the past seasons and is still valid today. And how not to be? If it gives you a romantic, feminine, different look and it is easy to do. You only need to define two shades of Gel Effect Enamel, for example, a pink from the Encanto style and combine it with a touch of black. How? It's easy. Paint all your nails with the Encanto tone, once it is dry, with the help of a very fine brush. Draw a straight line in the center of your nails from the birth to the end. And ready!. A divine and super cool geometric design.

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