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Has your passion always been makeup? Would you like to go a step further and become a great professional?

If you are reading this, it is most likely that you have finally decided to train in the magical and passionate world of professional makeup, and you should know that this has been the first step on the road to success in your future.

Makeup is not only the result of an attractive and cool look thanks to the combination of thousands of colors and techniques, but it goes much further. It is a form of expression for many, a way to express feelings and emotions, to get the best out of ourselves, to relax, feel good and, above all, to be happy.

If you have felt identified with us, or makeup has not yet caused those feelings in you, but you want to learn more and discover them, Touched by an Angel Beauty School is the ideal place for you!

Why take a professional makeup course?

When the time comes to make a decision regarding our professional future, doubts always appear. It is not easy to find the profession that we are passionate about and really attracts our attention and that, in addition, has advantages in the world of work.

It may be that you are clear that makeup is your thing and what you are really passionate about, or that you do not put your hand on fire for it, but you do want to discover more about the experience.

Whatever your situation, you should know that the world of makeup is one of those that has everything and, in short, if you enter it, you will not want to leave!

Multiple job opportunities

Professional makeup knowledge is increasingly in demand today. You will have opportunities in multiple branches of work: beauty salons, as a personal makeup artist for celebrities, in the world of fashion ... Besides being an expert on the most important canvas: your own face.

Dynamic and fun learning:

It is true that everything depends on the abilities of each one, but professional makeup courses do not require many years of preparation to be an expert. It is a dynamic learning process and, if you put a lot of effort and desire, you will soon be able to be the teacher!

Inspiration never ends

Inspiration is arguably the engine that drives makeup artists. The good news is that it never ends, as most of the time it comes from fashion shows, celebrities, red carpets, and other big events.

Trends are constantly changing and updating, don't overlook them!

TBA, your professional makeup school

Touched by an Angel Beauty School arose from the idea of ​​taking inspiration to action and making the dream of many come true. We are a great team of professional makeup artists with many years of experience bringing makeup to the lives of thousands of people.

Our goal is for all of them to complete their professional makeup training with all the necessary knowledge to be the best. For this, we take into account:

· The continuous updates on trends

· Teaching all the techniques available in makeup

· Teaching the ideal products for each make-up, as well as the use of the brush

We take care that learning is dynamic, fun and, above all, that it makes our students bring out the best they have inside. We know that this profession can reach very high, and that is why we are happy to train future professionals in the sector.

We have a wide variety of makeup courses, all of them taught with great enthusiasm by the best professionals of Touched by an Angel Salon and School. We encourage you to take a look at all of them and choose the one that best suits you.

Let your senses fly and give the world of makeup a try, you will not be disappointed!

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