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The best nude lipsticks according to your skin tone

Like a classic little black dress, a flattering nude lipstick is a must in every makeup vanity. It complements everything from minimal makeup to a more daring one and works both in everyday settings and on special occasions. But what exactly is "nude lipstick"?

Nude is a color that can range from pale brown to neutral beige to deep brown. You can find your ideal nude lipstick shade by taking into account your skin tone (light to light, medium to olive, dark to deep, etc.) and your preferences for undertones such as pink, rose, brown, peach or mauve; textures or finishes such as matte, cream, satin or liquid and the level of pigmentation, from full to pure.

Here, experts of Touched by Angel Beauty School and Salon share the best performing, natural-looking nude lipstick colors for every occasion, skin tone, desired formula type, and budget.

Luxury matte lipstick in nude

Bobbi Brown Luxe Matte lipstick formula, in a true beige shade that looks beautiful on a wide variety of skin tones, outperformed all others in GH Beauty Lab's long-wear lipstick test for color. Complete that stayed in place. Received top marks for no staining or fading. The color lasted for five hours, through eating lunch, drinking drinks with straws and even biting nails!

Pink Nude Lipstick

For a great bargain at the drugstore, look no further than this creamy finish formula from Maybelline New York, backed by the Seal of Good Stewardship, in a nude shade balanced with hints of pink and brown. In a study of more than 100 women, 86% reported that lipstick color looked fresh, 80% said it looked rich, and 89% found that their lips looked soft while wearing it, an evaluation of data from the GH Beauty Lab confirmed.

· Creamy and smooth finish

· Intense color

· Bargain price

The perfect shade for medium brown skin

Leaning toward brown with hints of mauve and peach, this nude lipstick from Ctzn Cosmetics is a great choice for nude for people with medium skin tones, such as those of Indian and Middle Eastern descent. The lipstick is applied smoothly for a velvety matte finish and can be topped off with a matching lip gloss shade on the other end for a brighter look."

The best tone for yellow undertone skin

This matte satin lipstick shade Mary Kay nude is frequently found in the GH beauty director's handbag, which features olive skin. The full coverage formula contains gel spheres that help pigments glide on smoothly and set on lips without bleeding, plus silica particles that blur dry lines and blemishes, as assessed by GH's Beauty Lab. High concentrations of jojoba butter also condition, so it feels comfortable and light on the lips.

Ideal shade for fair and fine skin

This shade from MAC Cosmetics is ideal for very fair skin, thanks to its flattering pink undertones. "For me, this is the perfect shade for nude - it turns pink, but still gives the illusion of 'my-lips-but-better' when I wear it," says GH beauty assistant Katie Berohn. "It strikes the ideal balance between matte and sheer and feels ultra-moisturizing on my lips.”

A different and groundbreaking nude tone

If you prefer nude lipsticks with sheer textures and finishes, this shade is for you. It's a natural-looking shade that can be polished on the lips for a true look 'barely' on a variety of skin tones. But it's also well pigmented and stays put.

Lipstick in dark nude or brown tone