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Why do you have to tie your hair up to go to sleep?

At first glance, sleeping with your hair up may seem strange to you. However, it is an excellent trick to preserve the vitality of your hair. Benefits, tips, gestures that you should adopt ... We analyze it for you.

To protect your hair

The rubbing against the pillow is part of the aggression that we call mechanical. Over time, the hair fiber wears out and, especially if you have fine hair, it is weakened by some chemical action (coloring, bleaching) or it is naturally fragile (curly hair). If this is your case, it is best to collect your hair systematically to reduce friction considerably. Another more sophisticated alternative is to let your hair down and sleep with a satin pillowcase, a natural fabric where your hair will slide without breaking down.

Our advice. You do not need to apply a complementary care before going to sleep. The night is the ideal time for the scalp to breathe. On the contrary, if your hair is fragile or damaged, you can apply an oil bath before going to bed between 1 or 4 times a month, it all depends on its condition.

So that your hair does not get tangled

At night the hair has a tendency to tangle when you move and, especially, if you have an XXL mane. The best thing is that you untangle it well with a bristle brush before you go to bed. Afterwards and according to your taste, create a bun, a braid or a ponytail to preserve its flexibility and avoid knots. In addition, it is perfect to facilitate your hairstyle in the morning.

Our advice. Do not tighten your updo too much to achieve maximum comfort without damaging your scalp.

To curl your mane

Braiding your hair before going to sleep is a great trick for curl without heat, thus avoiding the drying effect of the latter. First, braid your entire hair and secure it with rubber bands. Keep in mind that by multiplying the amount you will get more volume. Go for strict braids For structured curls, or go for classic braids (3 strands) for flexible, flowing waves, the choice is yours!

Our advice. In the morning, when you have undone your braids, place your fingers at the roots and shake your hair. This technique will blend your curls together for a more natural effect.

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