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Updated: Dec 11, 2021

If you have entered this page it is because you are curious to know how you could learn more about those hairstyles that you like to do so much, or how you can dedicate yourself professionally to it. For both the first and the second, at Touched by an angel beauty School we have different hairstyles courses that you can find in our extensive training catalog and with which you would become a professional in this field that you like so much.

Hairstyles courses

In reality, you are not aware of the subject, you do not have knowledge of what each course includes or you do not know too much about making hairstyles that is something very frequent among the various people who wonder whether to take hairstyles courses. But don't worry, no one is born knowing.

Do you want to learn how to make your favorite hairstyles or dedicate yourself professionally to it?

The didactic programs in this field are very varied, in addition to containing training programs that give you a more general vision and that serve to introduce you to this sector, other specialized courses to perfect a specific topic, masters with which to obtain a bare able degree to help you in your personal and work development, etc.

What will you find hair styles course?

Discover the best hairstyles courses

· Trendy hairstyles

· Types of hairstyles

· Objectives of the hairstyles course

· Formative connections

Trendy hairstyles

Hairstyles are usually used as a sign of identity, whether cultural, ethnic or social, where they can reflect individuality and social status. Men and women have the same hair, where its main component is keratin. Keratin is a protein that is made up of a large chain of amino acids. Normally the hairstyles are adjusted to the cultural influences linked to men and women, fashion trends also have a great influence on the person.

What hairstyles can I do this year?

As you probably already know, fashion is something that changes every year, turning different ideas into trends that are something that we can also include hairstyles in. To know how to make the following trend hairstyles for 2021 that we are going to comment on, you can choose to take one of our hairstyles courses.

Hairstylist course at touché by an angel beauty school

In this course, students are trained and can expect to learn how to cut, color, and style both men's and women's hair. This course is slightly different than the full cosmetology course. Hair Design students learn the art of hairstyling. It does not include elements from the full cosmetology course such as nails and basic skincare. This course is a minimum of 1325 credits/1325 clock hours over a minimum of 7 months. At completion, students are awarded a diploma. A state board theory and practical exam must be successfully completed before students will be issued a professional license.

Types of hairstyles

Depending on the year there are hairstyles that return to fashion. This year we will be able to wear hairstyles that are simple and practical for day-to-day and, most importantly, that are quick to do so that you go with fantastic hair during your day.

The principles of hairstyle changes are due to different trends depending on the time and place, where we can find the following types of hairstyles among many others, since hairstyles are a very creative and variable field where every day can a new one appear. To learn much more about the types of hairstyles you can take one of our hairstyles courses, while we leave you a shortlist of common hairstyles:

Updos: hold the hair all over the top of the head. Picking techniques include accessories such as special tweezers, hairpins, sprays, etc.

Afro: very curly and bulky hair that is given the shape we want upwards and completely rounded.

Caesar: very popular men's cut that is made up of a short length and consists of an overall straight cut that includes the bangs.

Horsetail: it is a simple hairstyle within the aesthetics of men and women, which is characterized by the grouping of a section of hair that is separated by the sides of the head, being also separated from the face on some occasions.

Apart from the hairstyles courses, we also advise you to read African braids styles and how to do African braids style step by step if you want to specialize in this area and learn much more about hairstyles.

Goals of hair styles course

Do you want to know what you are going to learn in hairstyle courses? Apart from different techniques for making hairstyles, you will learn a lot about hair to keep it healthy throughout the year and advise on it.

With the hairstyle courses that we offer you from Touched by an Angel Beauty School, you will be able to know the disinfection methods, as well as knowing what the correct postures are to be able to carry out a job.

You will also know the principles of temporary changes in the hair and what are the specific cosmetics. You will be able to know the physiognomy of the client, thus knowing how to identify the parts of the face and the silhouette, in addition to advising clients on a hairstyle according to the types of face and hair types. You will master the realization of lines, partitions and projections, also learning the fundamentals and techniques of each type of hairstyle.

In addition, you will be able to perceive the appearance of lines and volumes in the different types of faces that exists. You will master the techniques of each type of hairstyles and updos, as well as specific cosmetics. In the hairstyles courses you will learn about the characteristics and types of wigs and extensions, as well as the different types of hair, where you will learn how to place wigs, hairpieces and fix the extensions.

If you need more information about our courses related to hairstyles courses, do not hesitate, you can contact us without obligation through our Touched by an Angel Beauty School website, by calling us by phone or through our social networks.

We will wait for you!

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