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Curl your hair without heat

How to make curls without applying heat to your hair

To give their hair volume and movement, many women choose to have beautiful waves or curls in their hair. However, overuse of hair straighteners or hair dryers to carry out this type of hairstyle tends to dry out and split the hair, leading to a porous, brittle and weak state. Now, do you want to avoid having to resort to these heat tools to achieve your spectacular waves? Pay attention to these alternatives to make curls without applying heat to the hair:

Braids to make curls without applying heat

One of the best ways to create these natural waves in your hair is by braiding your hair while it is still wet. You just have to divide into two sections and you can decide the number of braids you want to make, the less amount of hair they have, the wavier it will be. Don't use a brush, just your fingers to spread a bit. To make it last much longer, apply a little spray, but not too much or it may be too stiff.

Waves with socks or stockings

The first thing you should do is divide your hair into two equal parts, comb a high ponytail on each side and fasten with rubber bands. Then, you have to cut the ends of the socks (stockings) and screw them into the hair to make a kind of donut that you will put on top of the elastics on which the tails are held. Now, tie a bow around the stockings, let them stay like that overnight and remove them the next day. If you wish, you can apply a little 'spray' fixative to prolong its duration.

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Waving your hair with ribbons

Another technique that has been widely used for a long time is to use fabric ribbons to create the waves. You can cut it yourself, they should be between 10 and 12 centimeters long and 2.5 centimeters wide. With 12 strips should be enough, 6 for the upper part and 6 for the lower part of the hair. Separate the hair into sections and wrap them with the ribbons, they must be tied very well so that they do not come loose. Do them at night and the next day release them with your fingers. Do not use a comb for the waves to last longer.

Finally, a technique that is advised to make the waves in a simple way is by means of the classic ballerina bun, tightly rolled and having enough patience to wait for the hair to dry and the shape of the wave’s remains. Go ahead and experiment with these techniques and wear enviable waves in your hair!

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