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Hairstyles for all Hair Types to get more Volume

Fine hair: hairstyles to get more volume

Do you have fine hair and want to give it more volume? The ponytail, the side hair, the bun, the braid as a headband ... we present you with some hairstyles that will make your hair appear more voluminous.

A high ponytail

Forget about strict hairstyles and, if you like ponytails, go for a high and slightly unstructured one. To gain thickness, start by girding some strands on the top of the head, a very effective technique that does not damage the hair. Take a section between 1 and 2 cm wide and comb it from the ends towards the roots with light movements. Then, hold the strand parallel to the ground and brush it underneath so it doesn't show. Repeat this step on several strands and at the beginning of the nape to balance the volumes. Then, gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic fabric band (less aggressive for the hair). Finally, use a pair of tweezers to curl the ends and put on some hairspray.

You may also like she-wolf haircut:

A side hair with loose hair

Use salt water spray on your dry hair to obtain a plus of volume. Get a side parting and tuck all of your hair to the side. Lastly, steam the product and shape your hair with your fingers.

A bun type bow

In addition to styling products, you can use accessories to play with the thickness of your hair. Do you want to know which model to choose? You can opt for a donut-shaped accessory in a similar shade to your color. It is best to choose a smaller one if you are looking for a natural result, since it will be easier to cover it with your hair. To style it, start with a high ponytail. Then, place your mane inside the donuts and bring it to the base of the attachment point. Next, camouflage the accessory using your hair. Finally, wrap the ends around the bow and fix them with hairpins by piercing the donuts. For a more informal look you can also pull lightly on the bun and the root zone to loosen some strands. Also try these curtain bangs:

The braid as a headband

To achieve this hairstyle, start by selecting a wide strand at the height of the right ear. Then start braiding it loosely towards your left ear into a headband. Keep braiding all the way to the ends and secure it with a flat bobby pin. Lastly, gather the rest of your hair into an unstructured ponytail and add a few strands of hair to balance the volumes.

Now that you know about various hairstyles, it is time to move on to the treatments and learn more in our online cosmetology school. Don't miss our tips for take care of your fine and damaged hair!

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