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Types of curly hair and their best care

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Types of curly hair and their best care

What would you do if I told you that there are 9 different curly hair subtypes, would you believe me? Well, let me tell you that yes, when you talk about curly hair you have to talk about everything that this type of hair encompasses and its classification is part of it.

And if you wonder why you need to know this information, the answer is simple: knowing what type of curly hair you have, you can choose to buy specific products for its care and maintenance, that way you do not spend money in vain and keep your hair healthy. That's a win-win for you!

The first thing you should know is that there are four different types of well-marked hair that in turn each is subdivided into three subtypes.

Everything you need to know about hair types

This classification will give you an idea of the type of hair you have, however, to know it exactly it is best that you go to a specialist such as a professional stylist who gives you total security about your type of hair and the care you should have.

• 1A: straight hair.

• 1B: straight hair with a tendency to thicken.

• 1C: straight hair that has the ability to adapt to wavy hair styles.

• 2A: wavy hair.

• 2B: fine and thick hair with a well defined S shape.

• 2C: thick with more defined curls.

• 3A: defined curls.

• 3B: defined curls that can lose shape.

• 3C: elastic curls.

• 4A: Very tight S-shaped curls.

• 4B: Zigzag curls.

• 4C: tight zigzag afro type.

As you can see, wavy and curly hair is king! From classification 2A to 4C, we are talking about wavy, curly and afro hair respectively.

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