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10 Tips to care for and love your Natural hair

Our hair is a sign of resistance to the system, and behind its majestic beauty that makes crowns, it is important to know the reason for its characteristics.

Natural Hair or Afro hair is characteristically curly as a result of adapting to hot climates, allowing air to circulate more easily, cooling the head and preventing it from reaching dangerous temperatures for humans. Thus we see how our hair is an ancestral inheritance, a beautiful inheritance that by freeing ourselves from the yoke of whitening, we exalt and vindicate while we smile while being and showing our true being.

Here are some tips for the care of your natural hair, through love rituals that enhance your Afro-femininity. Touched by an Angel hair School elaborates in a decent way.

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1. Use your fingers

Contrary to popular belief, natural hair is generally fine and tends to split easily if we mistreat it. By untangling it with fingers and thick-toothed combs, we avoid fracturing the strand, in addition to being a ritual of love for our natural hair and our Afro-femininity.

2. Cover your natural hair

Our hair is naturally dry, so maintaining hydration is a task that will pay off in healthy, beautiful hair. When sleeping, cover your hair or pillow with a silky cover, which, unlike cotton, does not absorb the natural oils of the hair, avoiding morning frizz.

3. No sulfates, no shampoo

The sulfates contained in shampoos are those that, when producing the foam, leave the hair free of its natural and artificial oils, leaving it extremely dry. By using sulfate-free shampoos, we avoid this sensation. The problem is that many shampoos that are still sulfate-free leave our hair feeling dry, which is why there is today a movement that is gaining more and more followers and it is the no-poo (no shampoo) regimen. This consists of cleaning our hair with alternative products that do not dry out our strand. There are several options (co-wash, apple cider vinegar and baking soda, among others), which I personally recommend, since they thoroughly clean the hair and leave it manageable. The point is that this regimen must go hand in hand with NOT using silicones. Since these are of mineral origin (petroleum) it is possible to remove them only with the detergent products contained in shampoos. If you still decide to wash your hair with shampoo, choose those that are sulfate-free and contain moisturizing products.

4. Hydrate it

Our hair loves water, and the more exposed they are to it, the better they will feel, this is a principle that shocks us black women a lot, due to the habit of not getting our hair wet from drying and straightening, and even the myth of that excess moisture rots the hair. Moistening our hair with a spray bottle several times a day, applying leave-in conditioners (which does not contain Sodium Hydroxide), as well as applying deep hydrations when the hair asks for it, are habits that the hair appreciates.

5. Seal in hydration

Our hair tends to lose moisture quickly and return to its dry state easily. So applying preferably natural oils or butters, after a leave-in conditioner, seals the moisture contained in the hair strand, keeping it hydrated for longer.