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The importance of removing makeup every night

To remove makeup or not to remove makeup? a debate that many nights we have, either due to fatigue or simple laziness. We know the answer that we should always remove our makeup, but what are the consequences of not doing it?

Facial care is a daily routine that must be constant to see results. Many times the effect of a serum or cream can only be seen after about 4 or 6 months of constant daily use. You must cultivate patience and dedication, not expect quick or immediate results because this will not happen (unless you resort to injectable methods or lasers).

You must define your routine according to your skin type, specific care you want/need and the time you have to dedicate to this. The most basic thing is to clean morning and night and apply sun protection in the morning and a nourishing and repairing cream at night.

If you want healthy skin, you must remove make-up

Not removing make-up can have multiple consequences and not only aesthetic ones. Let's look at some of the more common ones:

Dull and aged-looking skin

Leaving makeup on all night hinders the cell renewal of the skin that takes place while we sleep and replaces dead cells with new cells.

Chapped lips

Falling asleep with any type of makeup on our lips will make them dry, causing even cracking. Remember that the skin on our lips is much thinner than the rest of our body and has almost no hydrolipidic film, making it more prone to dehydration.

Weak eyelashes

Not removing mascara makes our lashes more likely to break and fall out. In addition, by leaving the mask, we will not be able to use the product with which we must moisturize them daily.

Irritation on your skin

Makeup products are not made to spend 24 hours on your skin, especially if your skin has some kind of pathology or is very reactive.

More blackheads, pimples and comedones

By not having a cleanse, the pores become clogged more easily, leading to the appearance of impurities on your skin.