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Opportunities for a Beauty Salon Business

Trendy hairstyles: Angel Beauty Salon

Do you like beauty? Do you like serving people? Starting a beauty salon can be a profitable business, as long as you are at the forefront of trendy styles and hairstyles. Although feminine beauty services abound on the market, if you achieve enough differentiation, you have a good chance of creating a profitable business.

Professionals of Touched by Angel Salon and School have collected this bunch of information for their valuable readers.

How to know that your beauty salon is a good business idea?

Trends state that:

‘Beauty salons will always be necessary because the demand for haircuts is stable. In addition, customers have already created patterns of high consumption of these types of services at Christmas and other holidays.

There is a marked diversification of customers. Before, fashion styles and hairstyles were more attractive value propositions for women. Now, men and boys are also taking an interest in these kinds of experiences.

The growth of the entertainment industry and the increasing incorporation of women into corporate positions; create demand to develop more specialized beauty services.

Yes, it seems that there are good opportunities. But I assure you that you are not the only one who is taking advantage of them; let's see what the competition does now.

Competition in trendy haircuts and hairstyles

Beauty salons are currently proliferating imposing cuts, dyes, styles and fashionable hairstyles, what elements could you take into account to differentiate you from what already exists? Let's see the types of companies that are in the market:

Traditional beauty salons: these are establishments where they offer the usual services of cutting, washing, and drying, dyeing and fashionable hairstyles. Generally, the premises are decorated and equipped with what is necessary to carry out the activity: no more, no less!

VIP beauty salons: In addition to offering traditional services, but they offer a VIP experience. Therefore, they are very concerned about the aesthetics and location of the premises. In addition, they offer premium hair and beauty products.

Which of the options is appropriate?

Everything is defined by the type of customers you want to attract. If you aim for massive customer service, you will have to create a more traditional hair salon. If, on the contrary, you want to focus on a more exclusive customer (but more recurring and with a greater ability to purchase products), you must create a company, create a VIP lounge.

The problem with these two hairdressers is that you will have to be able to invest about 50 thousand dollars. If this is not in your possibilities, you will have to specialize in specific market niches. For example hairdressing at home for the elderly, services for entertainment companies, or attention to executives.