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Opportunities for a Beauty Salon Business

Trendy hairstyles: Angel Beauty Salon

Do you like beauty? Do you like serving people? Starting a beauty salon can be a profitable business, as long as you are at the forefront of trendy styles and hairstyles. Although feminine beauty services abound on the market, if you achieve enough differentiation, you have a good chance of creating a profitable business.

Professionals of Touched by Angel Salon and School have collected this bunch of information for their valuable readers.

How to know that your beauty salon is a good business idea?

Trends state that:

‘Beauty salons will always be necessary because the demand for haircuts is stable. In addition, customers have already created patterns of high consumption of these types of services at Christmas and other holidays.

There is a marked diversification of customers. Before, fashion styles and hairstyles were more attractive value propositions for women. Now, men and boys are also taking an interest in these kinds of experiences.

The growth of the entertainment industry and the increasing incorporation of women into corporate positions; create demand to develop more specialized beauty services.

Yes, it seems that there are good opportunities. But I assure you that you are not the only one who is taking advantage of them; let's see what the competition does now.

Competition in trendy haircuts and hairstyles

Beauty salons are currently proliferating imposing cuts, dyes, styles and fashionable hairstyles, what elements could you take into account to differentiate you from what already exists? Let's see the types of companies that are in the market:

Traditional beauty salons: these are establishments where they offer the usual services of cutting, washing, and drying, dyeing and fashionable hairstyles. Generally, the premises are decorated and equipped with what is necessary to carry out the activity: no more, no less!

VIP beauty salons: In addition to offering traditional services, but they offer a VIP experience. Therefore, they are very concerned about the aesthetics and location of the premises. In addition, they offer premium hair and beauty products.

Which of the options is appropriate?

Everything is defined by the type of customers you want to attract. If you aim for massive customer service, you will have to create a more traditional hair salon. If, on the contrary, you want to focus on a more exclusive customer (but more recurring and with a greater ability to purchase products), you must create a company, create a VIP lounge.

The problem with these two hairdressers is that you will have to be able to invest about 50 thousand dollars. If this is not in your possibilities, you will have to specialize in specific market niches. For example hairdressing at home for the elderly, services for entertainment companies, or attention to executives.

To give a more complete service, in one place, you can combine haircuts with other activities in the field of aesthetics. For example manicures and pedicures, massages, skin cleansing, reductive treatments, among others.

Starting a trendy haircuts and hairstyles business

Have you already defined the type of customer you want to attract? Then you are ready to start your business. Take note!

Find a venue: Take the location into account. Think of space with a large influx of people or inside a shopping center. Decorate it with good taste, which is aesthetically attractive and at the same time pleasant. Do not forget to set aside a space for an administrative office.

Your stylists: They must be polite people, with a good appearance, always neat and neat. Encourage the use of uniforms to demonstrate excellence in the team.

Take account: You must keep in mind what your costs are to know the number of stylists and jobs that you are going to offer.

Furniture, materials and technology: for the assembly of your beauty salon you require the provision of three areas: furniture, equipment and tools.

In the furniture, it takes into account the counter, chairs for workstations, shelves, display cabinets, mirrors, armchairs, cabinets (for storage). In the equipment keep in mind the dryers, hair straighteners, head washes and other specialized equipment. And in the tools, gowns, brushes, rolls, hats, hand mirrors, towels, scissors, etc. Remember that stylists generally have personal tools.

· Locate your business premises

· Typical expenses of a hairdresser

· What profit do hairdressers have?

Marketing for hairdressers and beauty salons

Since I'm talking about marketing, it occurred to me to give you some ideas on strategies oriented to hairdressers and beauty salons. In these strategies, I will take into account the ABCs of online and offline marketing I learned in Touched by an Angel Beauty School.

Choose your specialty

I already gave you some keys to define your client. I know that beauty salon have varied clients, but try to distinguish you in one bouquet. For example makeup, fashionable haircuts and hairstyles, massages, etc. It is important to generate engagement in your clientele. That they fall in love with your service, that when they think of living a pleasant experience in a beauty salon with (your service), there is no other place where they would love to go. Now, if another type of client approaches you, better for you, treat them with the same care.

Segment your market

Why segment the market? Because once you have chosen your specialty, it is that clientele who you are going to look for. Where are they? What do you like? What do they consume? How old are you? Are they men, women, and children? Describe them, give them personality. In this way, you will know how to direct your message well. In addition, if you know your type of client well, when they attract them to your place, you will know, for example, what music you are going to use, channel to tune in, snacks that you are going to offer (if that is the case), strategies to make them fall in love, etc.

Select the message

Nowadays choosing the message and the format to send it is a challenge. We receive information so varied and in so many ways, that the probability that your message will get through is one in a million. Luckily, the market segmentation will help you to make this task not so arduous because you will know where to look and what to show to your possible consumers of fashionable haircuts and hairstyles. If your audience of attention is around the youth (under 30), then you should bet more on images than on text, but if they are older, then it is the quality of the content that captures them. In each marketing campaign, you must select the topic that you want to highlight and exploit it according to the generation you face.

Make yourself visible on the Internet

If you are not on the Internet, you do not exist! And that is a stark reality. Now before going to consume or buy something, we first check the Internet. Or not? Tell me that you don't? So, the first thing you should consider is a space on the web, (a page or a blog). And do not miss the opportunity to have accounts on the main social networks. Especially those that highlight the images such as Pinterest or Instagram. Look for images that tell stories. That is, if you have made a fashionable hairstyle for a bride, highlight the entire scene where they can appreciate the happiness of the lucky woman and her relatives and how your service, your talented hands (or that of your stylists) managed to contribute to that "so special" moment the main touch. Remember, nowadays products and services are not sold, today emotions are sold.

"Maintaining a direct relationship with your client through the networks guarantees loyalty"

I also recommend this article that teaches you the new practices to advertise: Everything you need to know about native advertising

Tips that can differentiate you

· Have a star stylist.

· Offers discount coupons for days of low customer circulation.

· Update your staff so that you are always on the cutting edge of trendy haircuts and hairstyles.

Are you overwhelmed by so much information? I give you another link to help you sort your ideas. Article of interest: Business plan - Easy guide

You know, there are automated administrative solutions on the market for your new business that will make your life easier. For example, as we are lovers of entrepreneurship and management, Platzilla has been developed an application platform developed to adapt to practically any situation and market. And if you require advice for your business, we help you overcome them, and improve.

Well, then you are clear that beauty salons are a sector of stable demand, but that in terms of haircuts and fashionable hairstyles the competition is tough. Let's do it!

How do you distinguish yourself from other beauty salons?

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