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What is your responsibility as a Licensed Professional in the Beauty Business

Why is it so important to be licensed by the state in the field of Cosmetology, Barber, Esthetician, Nail ?

Consumers expect and have a right to standards and rules.

 Consumers expect and have a right to safe, sanitary, and infection-free services and establishments.

 Professional beauty licensing fosters income and tax reporting accountability.

 Professional beauty licensing leads to higher employment rates facilitates market entry and acts as

a stepping stone to higher education, higher earnings,

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and longer more sustainable careers.

 Professional beauty licensing enhances insurability and helps protect individuals and small business

owners against personal liability.

 The American public overwhelmingly supports professional beauty licensing.

 Nationwide harmonization of licensing requirements and a more efficient consistent process for

licensing and reciprocity across the states is required. Check your state laws for your salon requirement.

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