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Eyebrow lamination: what it is and its main advantages

Do you also want perfect eyebrows?

Eyebrow care has become an indispensable ritual in our beauty routines. If microblading or microshading were the trends of the moment a while ago, today the latest trend in eyebrows is lamination.

And it is that, as with eyelashes, leaving the house without well-groomed eyebrows is difficult for us, and a lot. We must not forget that well-defined eyebrows have the power to change our look, even our face..

What is brow lamination?

No tattoos, no blades, no needles. For eyebrow lamination, only quality products and a professional hand are needed to achieve a perfect finish. It is a painless technique, which results in more defined and populated eyebrows, without the need to touch them up day after day.

Precisely, one of the main advantages is that we can forget about the daily eyebrow pencil or other products such as fixing gel for a season, since our eyebrows will remain perfect every day, with a thicker appearance. In addition, we will tell you a secret: the laminate will increase the density of your eyebrows in the long term.

And who is this treatment for? If your eyebrows are rebellious, it is difficult for you to comb them, they tend to curl or have gaps between the hairs, it is undoubtedly your ideal treatment. In this way, the lamination will allow them to be more aesthetic or flattering, as we said, towards the whole of your face.

How is the eyebrow lamination process?

Depending on the needs and the type of eyebrow, the duration of this treatment can last around 40 minutes or an hour. We show you, roughly, the steps to follow in the eyebrow lamination technique:

• Cleaning the eyebrow area

• Brush the eyebrow with a special product that softens the hair and defines the desired shape. In this step, an adhesive product is also applied to fix that shape.

• Straighten the hair chemically, with a product that will fix the desired shape of the most rebellious hairs.

• Apply another moisturizing product, which will nourish our eyebrows and give a completely healthy look.

And how to take care of our eyebrows at home after lamination?

Now comes a very important step: aftercare. To ensure that the effect lasts as long as possible, the first 48 hours will be decisive. Therefore, we are going to have to prevent the eyebrow area from getting wet or the environment in which we find ourselves is very humid. That is, outside spas or gyms during that time.

A plus will be to keep our eyebrows hydrated, with specific oil for them or with nourishing facial oil.

Who can get the eyebrow laminate done?

Everyone can undergo the treatment, although it is ideal for women who have somewhat 'rebellious' eyebrows, as it helps to keep them always in place and well-groomed. In this sense, it is ideal to perform the treatment before a special event, to make sure we keep our eyebrows at bay. However, if you have sensitive skin you should be especially careful, as the products can be irritating to the skin. To do this, before performing the laminate, you can ask the professional to do a sensitivity test in an area other than the face, such as the arm or leg. In this way, you will be able to know if the products will react to you or not.

How long does brow Laminate last?

Benefit, one of the leading brands in makeup and eyebrow care, has just implemented this treatment in its Sephora brow bars. "Brow foil shapes the brows vertically, filling in any gaps to create the illusion of fully filled brows. The service is done in 40 minutes and brow foil results last 6-8 weeks," they explain. This effect will depend on your routines, your skin, and your hair... You will have more moldable eyebrows, with a thick, combed and tidy appearance.

How to maintain the eyebrow Laminate?

During the first 24 hours after performing the eyebrow laminate treatment, you cannot wet or rub the eyebrows and it is recommended not to sleep on your stomach. You should also not apply any type of eyebrow makeup, exercise or perform activities that cause you to sweat or be in an environment that is too humid (such as saunas or very hot showers) during that first day.

During this time you can continue to make up and wax your eyebrows as normal. Ideally, to lengthen your eyebrow laminate, you should use the least aggressive makeup remover products possible.

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