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Touched By An Angel Beauty School’s Online Cosmetology School

Updated: Jun 3

Online Theory Program

As the modern world continues to move online and with a multitude of degrees available through your computer screen, why should a cosmetology license be any different? The hands-on nature of cosmetology training has always made it difficult to translate to the online world. However, Touched By An Angel Beauty School is paving the way for a change! We now offer online coursework for cosmetology theory, as a hybrid training course with the perfect blend of some hands-on practical done on ( mannequin ) experience tba flexible online training 85% Practical done inside the school.

Get in touch for more information and sign up today!

What Are the Benefits of Online Cosmetology Classes?

You might prefer to take online cosmetology classes rather than in-person classes because:

  • It’s possible to save time and money by skipping a commute to campus.

  • you can study for online classes anytime, which is an advantage if you work full time or care for children or family members.

  • You can sometimes work ahead if you want to, and you can take time off when you need it.

  • Online programs might be self-directed, so you can work on your schedule, take as long as you need, and not fret about some assignment due dates.

  • online courses, in theory, can help you to ease along in the program much faster and you are left to do your practical work inside the school.

  • Taking classes online might make your location independent, so you can travel or move while you’re enrolled.

  • You could start an online program in a different state if you plan to move to that state for work. (Check each state’s licensing requirements to determine steps to take if you need to transfer your license.)

However, if you have trouble with self-motivation or learn best through face-to-face discussions, online classes might not be right for you.

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