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Medical wig specialists, TBA School and Salon,

Welcome to Touched by Angel Beauty School and Salon, we are dedicated to offering medical hair and aesthetic solutions to all women who wish to receive our professional help.

At Touched by Angel Salon we have been specialists in chemotherapy wigs and oncological wigs since 2007.

Our experience helping thousands of patients during their oncology treatments has made us true experts in counseling, guidance. And, of course, in the practical use of something as delicate and personal as an oncology wig.

At TBA we believe that the most important thing is you. We want to listen to you, support you. And most importantly, accompany you throughout the process of buying medical wig so that at no time do you feel alone.

In this article we are going to answer those questions that we know so much concern our patients. The good news is that after so many years helping people like you, it gives us the credibility that you surely need right now.

Read carefully because if you are about to start chemo, this article interests you very much. And if we have not resolved your doubts well, tell us what you need below, in the comments section.

Your questions can in turn help other people who are just like you! So go ahead and share your opinions after reading our post.

I'm going to undergo chemotherapy treatment. Will I need a wig?

Let's start with one of the issues that most concern all patients who are about to start cancer treatment.

We realize how hard it is to be diagnosed with something as worrisome as cancer, no matter what type of cancer it is.

From the moment you receive the news, everything happens very quickly. After so many years of interacting with patients who have been through it, we know that most of them feel deeply overwhelmed.

The imminence of chemo treatment is already a real thing and hair loss is a side effect that will not take long to arrive. During the duration of the chemo, the hair will become paralyzed and stop growing. This is because chemotherapy acts on cell growth. And our hair is a cellular structure that is affected by chemotherapy.

We understand the anguish. But remember that it is TEMPORARY. Your hair will grow back!

And when will I need the wig?

The answer depends a lot on each treatment. But from experience we can say that approximately the hair begins to fall between 2 and 3 weeks after the first treatment cycle. Until then, it is likely that you will not feel a drop. However, after approximately 20 days it is normal to notice significant hair loss.

We take this article to open a parenthesis and give an advice that we always give to all our patients: your medical wig provider is the boss. Besides, TBA provides you medical wig certification.

The Medical Wig & Cranial Prosthesis program teaches licensed cosmetologist how to create and style medical wigs. Permanent and temporary hair loss due to medical treatment can lower confidence and self-esteem. Hair loss of any kind can be mentally and emotionally devastating. Non-Surgical hair replacement can help restore one’s confidence and self-esteem. Our mission and goal is to help during a potentially trying time.

Every person is different and every cancer is different. Forget everything you have read on the internet. Forget if a neighbor, friend, or even a close family member went through the same thing as you. And always follow all the instructions given by your oncologist at all times.

So if the question "when will I need a medical wig?" It worries you a lot and you don't stop thinking about it, talk to your doctor first. Our experience always tells us that no one like your doctor to give you the best guidance. Then, Touched by Angel Beauty salon and school, in the role of specialists in hair solutions, will help you and give you approximate dates so that you have your wig ready and with all the necessary adjustments.

Should I have the medical wig on before I undergo chemotherapy?

I must have a wig before chemo

The psychological burden of a disease such as cancer is very strong. We do not want to be pretentious with what we are going to tell you, but coming to see us can help you a lot. Much more than you think.

Not many wig shops are prepared to give personalized attention in cases of cancer treatments. At TBA we have a staff with more than 15 years of experience and facilities that will make you feel almost at home.

Although, as we have explained above, the opinion of your oncologist is vital, we recommend that you have your chemotherapy wig at home before starting the treatment.

Why? We cannot determine when your hair loss will start and it would be distressing not to have your wig on hand when this occurs.

At TBA we have a stock of more than 2000 medical wigs so you can practically take your oncological wig the same day you come to see us. Delivery is immediate.

However, if for whatever reason you can't find an oncological wig that fits you among all the ones we have, don't worry. We are the only wig store that exists in Jonesboro. Therefore, we can make a wig completely to your liking, with your measurements, your exact hair color of the one you have now ... Your wig made specifically for you.

Our goal is for you to leave completely convinced and with a personalized budget under your arm. That you feel that you have tried all the possible options without the obligation to pay for it. We emphasize this because we know clients who have told us that in some hair centers and wig shops they have been charged just for trying on the products.

This will not happen to you at Touched by Angel Salons and School.

If you wish, you can come see us to shave your hair before your first chemo session. But before this step, we will prepare your hair, cutting it without any additional cost. If you have a very long mane, we can adapt it to a new shape so that the definitive loss of hair is not so shocking.

In short, all these doubts that arise are normal. At TBA we are here to help you.

So many years of experience has given us the facility to analyze face, morphologies, hair ... and we practically have a special gift to find the wig that best suits you (by style, density, color, length, texture...). As soon as you put yourself in the hands of any of our experts, you will understand perfectly what we mean.

We want you to feel and look pretty. That you face the disease with good self-esteem and a positive attitude.

Because all this is very important to recover!

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