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Hair color trends that will triumph this season, do you dare with any?

Hair color trends are constantly changing and you have to always be informed to offer your clients what's hot. So we are going to tell you what colors are going to be worn this season so that the women who come to your salon can change their look by going to the latest. If you also combine it with our natural hair extensions, the result will be incredible.

Red hair, black, or fantasy colors are still among the colors that are in trend, they never go out of style. But blondes in all their variants and chestnuts with lighter reflections enter with force. Although the one that is still the most sought after is brown with blonde highlights. Discover all the colors that are going to be worn below.

Fusion of chestnut and copper

It is an updated version of Balayage, which has caused a sensation this summer. But the difference is that the Fusion technique focuses on putting three or more colors on the hair. The benefit of this color is that when the hair begins to grow, the roots will look better thanks to the variety of dark and light highlights that are achieved by applying this technique.

If one of your clients opts for this color, it is important that shades similar to the base color are chosen that are combined with different intensities of brown and copper. We assure you that the result will be more natural.

Intense Gold and Chocolate Ombré

If what your client likes is a gradient brown, the Ombré with chocolate tones that then end in a bright golden blonde. If you prefer the gradient to be more subtle, you can choose the same tones, you can opt for the Sombré technique, which is very similar to the other one, but the edges are more blurred.

This type of coloring, both Ombré and Sombré, is a good choice since it has little maintenance and the style is taken care of at all times.

ice blonde color

It is not the usual platinum blonde, but even lighter and should not be confused with gray. If the hair you want to change is very dark, achieving this tone is very complicated since you have to bleach it completely. It is also not recommended to use this type of color if you have very dry hair or hair with a tendency to frizz, it is important that the hair is healthy and strong. It is certainly a color trend that will continue for a long time and will always be in fashion.

Rose Gold Color

Without a doubt, this is one of the colors that is going to be worn the most. In addition, there are several options, you can choose to dye all your hair Rose Gold or just put some faded highlights on your hair. This last option is perfect with the Balayage technique, which helps to make the result more natural and not at all extravagant.

What hair color trend do you prefer?

As you can see, there is a lot to choose from when deciding on a hair. The hair extensions and technique used in Touched by an Angel Beauty School can help you achieve all these. These hair extensions are perfect for achieving shades based on the Ombré or Balayage technique without having to damage your hair.

If you still have not visited our salon and school and want to be part of our centers, we offer you certified training so that you can offer a professional service and differentiate yourself from the rest. Thanks to this, your clients will be delighted and will come to you to change their look and get advice on everything.

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