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Been thankful for all the good things you have can actually make you happier.

If you're feeling down or just need a little pick-me-up !!

Do A Grateful Challange

Every day for 30 days celebrate what you're grateful for corresponding to the theme of

the day! Snap a photo, tweet or update your status about your gratitude. Share your

thankfulness on Facebook at # livethankful

Day 1

Theme (Home)

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You were more than just a 2- bedroom house; you were a home filled with memories, fun-filled events, and a lot of lessons ... To my childhood home, thank you for being a place where I could take my first steps and thank you for listening to me as I said my first words. My grandmother watched in awe as I started my journey. One foot turned into one stride and then to a run and jump. One word turned into a phrase and then a sentence and a speech. So young and innocent, with the whole world ahead of me. Thank you for protecting me when I was too young to protect myself. I am grateful for the first place I called home. #sealeala

To my childhood home, thank you for being a place for me to run in the backyard all summer long and a place where I could play baseball with my cousins. Thank you for watching me ride my bike for the first time and letting me run though the water hose on the front lawn, a smile on my face and the wind in my hair; it made me feel like there was nothing that could stop me. Thank you for allowing me to have fun. I am so grateful about this house.. #30dayiamsograteful

To my childhood home, thank you for being a place where I could celebrate great achievements like birthdays, graduations and holidays. Thank you for opening your doors to hundreds of strangers you've never met and people who felt like family. All in one space, we were able to congratulate college grads, rejoice in living another happy year and memorialize people who couldn't be with us. Thank you for giving me a place to celebrate successes so that I strive to make more. #humble #icanwriteabookaboutmyfirsthome #gratitudeiswhatigiveu

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