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New Horizons of Work in the UAE After Studying in the Beauty Industry

New Horizons of Work in the UAE After Studying in the Beauty Industry

Here in the UAE, there is the pinnacle of innovation. No matter what kind of industry is here, you can expect to find the best in the business from car rentals to fashion. For cars, you can find a Nissan car rental Dubai deal from the best car rental services. For architecture, you can see the stunning Burj Khalifa. For the beauty industry, the UAE region is packed with new growing opportunities for beauty, fashion, and products. This is true for both the South Asian community and Africa. We can give you some of the latest deals and how these opportunities have affected global income. 

Rising Expansions

Thanks to the help of local consumers, the growth of products being available has expanded immensely. This is largely due to the influence of the digital market and social media. The connection the Middle East has made through technology has allowed new products to enter the market. The car rental companies are the biggest export in Dubai. Sites such as have all kinds of brands available for tourists to rent. The beauty industry is no exception, even benefitting from car rentals to transport their amazing clients and products. 

Combining this with tourism creates a thriving industry. The surrounding areas in Dubai are strategically placed to improve the market for beauty products and fashion. The Dubai Mall is situated right within the city center, a place where you can find some of the latest deals. As a metropolis, Dubai prides itself on being the place to be for shopping. The mall alone makes record sales of up to $1.3 billion a day. You can expect to find a wide variety of products as well. Using car renting can mean anyone can access these services no matter what the distance might be. 

Top Beauty Products

As expected, the latest brands can be found in the UAE thanks to their extensive connections. Here are a few examples you can find when exploring: 

·        Dermalogica Pro-Collagen Banking Serum – This serum has had positive feedback for numerous symptoms. A must for any skin-care routine. It can hydrate your skin, preserve collagen levels, and provide you with firmer facial features. 

·        Merit Signature Lip – This is Merit’s new brand of lipstick that is already making waves. A matte lip look is not only comfortable to put on but available in different shades. Find the right color to suit your shade without it getting patchy or stiff. 

·        Adwoa Beauty Melonberry Spray Leave in Conditioner – Using natural oils, it helps protect your hair and scalp whilst providing a nourishing fragrance. It is easily spritzed on between every strand, leaving it soft when you finally let your hair down. 

·        L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Panorama Mascara – If you want some fuller lashes with a thicker coat, this product can perfectly capture it. L’Oreal has always been a trustworthy brand when it comes to makeup. The mascara content continues to be its best product. 

You can find all of these and more from places like the Dubai Mall. There are other markets in the major parts of the city which have a more extensive library. 

Latest Fashion

Below are some examples of the top fashion brands in the UAE. These brands are the most sought-after labels for many women both locals and tourists: 

·        Chloé

·        Anna Quan

·        Celine

·        Tiffany & Co

·        Roksanda

·        Miu Miu

·        Van Cleef & Arpels

·        Bulgari

·        David Yurman

·        Christopher Kane

Each of these labels comes with a rich history of business. Their influence can be felt across the globe, with a large presence in the Middle East. Almost all of these brands come with products available for most ages and genders. This includes many gender-nonconforming clothes for everyone included. 

Continuing to Grow

The cosmetic and beauty market in the UAE is expected to go up from $190.97 million to $317.20 million by 2032. This is a total growth reaching up to 5.8%. Facial care is sticking to being the most popular market, with body care coming a close second. Hair care product continues to grow while makeup is following quickly behind. 

If you ever wish to start a business or a career in beauty, the UAE region will be full of developing opportunities. 


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